Teramore Real Estate Development



Our integrated platform of services offers a full range of expertise

The Teramore Development team leverages our expertise in Retail real estate brokerage, management, ownership and development to provide our customers with a smooth experience during all phases of the development process.  Our strong financial position allows Teramore to act quickly and create a structure that meets the unique needs of each individual customer.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the highest quality product, on time and at the lowest cost possible.

Services Offered

Site Analysis & Acquisition

We leverage our years of market experience to find the proper location for all requirements. We have the talent and experience to identify the most profitable locations and markets for expansion or relocation, and the strength to roll out new brands and concepts.

Lease Negotiation & Administration

Real estate transactions involve attorneys representing one or both sides of the deal. Teramore takes pride in our ability to work with all types of legal representation, regardless of size. We are able to add valuable insight to protect our clients and keep legal expenses at a reasonable level.

Construction Oversight

Teramore provides construction oversight on projects from concept to completion. Our oversight services range from pre-construction to post-construction tasks, and our expertise encompasses a job in its entirety. Throughout the project, we provide extensive construction experience, all with the goal of protecting your interests.

Rezoning & Land Use

We have the expertise to understand large and complex projects and review land-use issues and zoning constraints We can prepare precise project descriptions, work with public officials and government agency staff and identify the appropriate entitlement process We can prepare application packages, file and process land-use applications, monitor public input and staff reports and negotiating conditions of approval.

Design & Architectural Direction

The Teramore team works closely with your architect to ensure their design gets implemented the way they and you envision it. We can provide insight into ways to develop properties within design constraints and stay within budget.

Development Programming

We offer only objective, honest advice, with no hidden agenda.  Our focus is to outline the strategy and provide the necessary information to allow you to make intelligent business decisions that support your company's vision and objectives.

Property Management

Teramore offers total property maintenance and tenancy services. We successfully relieve landlords of the daily issues associated with managing both the property and the tenant.Our staff diligently markets the property locating and screening for quality tenants. We handle all aspects of leasing the property from start to finish.


Teramore provides a full range of permitting services to meet the regulatory requirements of Municipal, State and Federal Agencies, Boards, & Commissions. We pride ourselves in our understanding the layered regulations and being able to navigate our client’s project through to completion.